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Songs we Sing is a tabletop roleplaying game about exploring the urban decay of a lost time, seeking strange gods both big and small, and wielding magic called songs, which acts as a reflection of the parts of ourselves that we value and fear. It uses the powered by the apocalypse system to create dynamic narratively driven adventures.


  • Freeform magic system that take the form of Songs that combines a motif with an effect to get a desired result. All gigs (classes) have access to this system too!
  • themes of urban decay, animism, and fantasy
  • 9 playable class playbooks such as Knights who have devoured a deity to gain their strength, Couriers who scout the land and get their deliveries made no matter what, and the masked storytellers called Orators.
  • 9 playable race playbooks such as sentient robots animated with the soul of a person, a gaggle of lizards each representing a different part of a single person, and shapeshifting beastfolk.
  • Swords don't exist
  • Giant scissors do
  • colorful pixel/aliased art of an overgrown world full of deities, robots, knights, flooded malls, and crumbling skyscrapers

NOTE: This is the playtest version of the game and is a work-in-progress. I'll be regularly updating this .pdf with fixes and more content. Please note that I will be submitting a full paid version of this game later and donations for this version will mostly be like a tip jar to help support future development. If you want to support me further you can pledge to my patreon.

You can either submit feedback with this google docs feedback form, at the Songs we Sing development discord, or by emailing me directly at gentrigger3@gmail.com. I greatly appreciate any feedback!

Coming later:

  • More bestiary entries
  • Expanded info about the world of Wake
  • A section about clocks and how to use them (For now you can probably learn this from apocalypse world itself)
  • More Gig and Kin moves
  • Better layouts
  • More art
  • TTRPG Safety tools section (If you need to learn more about TTRPG safety tools beforehand you can refer to the TTRPG Safety Toolkit)

    Updated 8 days ago
    StatusIn development
    CategoryPhysical game
    Release date Oct 01, 2021
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (15 total ratings)
    GenreRole Playing
    TagsFantasy, object-heads, PbtA, Pixel Art, tabletop-roleplaying-game, Tabletop role-playing game, urban-decay
    Average sessionA few hours
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    Time to make some friends so I have people to play this with

    I may have missed something, but what happens when you get 3 bonds with anyone, especially PCs, and what happens when you get 3 debts with a PC?

    I've run into this question myself with my own playtesting. It's on my list of things to update or add in the near future but right now I'm just not sure how to handle it since I forgot to really anticipate PCs being at odds with one another.

    (1 edit)

    Yeah, I’ve been mulling it over my head for a bit. One of the systems I was gonna implement for fantasy punk had two relationship statuses: at odds and close.

    At odds: when the person you’re at odds with gains a condition you can clear a condition; Close: when the person you are close to gains a condition, you can get the condition yourself instead.

    So I was thinking about using a similar route.

    That said, if we go for the game as written, at least if I didn’t misunderstand it, it’s quite possible to have both 3 bonds and three debts with the same person and that might be weird too.

    Edit: I really like this bonds systems btw

    yeah its deffo not intended and does need some tightening up. I think the main question is how to use/resolve debts with fellow PCs and how that interacts with other moves.

    I'm sure something will come up, but I just gotta sleep on it enough.

    This is an absolutely beautiful and inspired game. I really like it and I can’t wait to play it.

    Is it ok if I take some inspiration from some of the moves and systems you wrote? I love the bond and debts system and the travelling moves are just juicy.


    Thank you for the kind words! 

    And yeah go for it, a lot are tweaked from other iterations of similar moves anyways.


    This is so beautiful! Can't wait to try this.